The Process

Jonathan Smith Therapy

The Practical

I work by having an initial session, which is an opportunity for us to meet and discuss you, your past, your present and what has brought you into therapy. Within this session we will discuss fees, the therapeutic frame and the practicalities of our work. We will then have further sessions at an agreed fee, time and place. I tailor my work to the individual so these sessions have no set agenda, they form an opportunity for me to hear from you about your life and you can get a feel for how I work.

I offer long term, open ended therapy on a weekly basis. This means that we do not agree an end date for the therapy, we will continue until a point when you feel you wish to bring our work to a close. I also offer short term therapy over 12 weekly sessions which will have a set and agreed end date. Short term therapy is normally most helpful for a particular issue which you wish to address and tends to be focussed on or around the issue for the duration of the 12 sessions. If you're unsure which type of therapy is going to be most helpful then this is something which we can discuss and agree in our initial sessions.

Normally our sessions will be at the same time on the same day each week and they will last 50 minutes. Our sessions will be confidential and will be held in a private space, if we are working remotely via Zoom you will need to ensure you have access to a private space where you will be undisturbed. 

The content of our sessions is within your control, what we speak about will be decided by you. I do not give advice or guidance, I am there to explore, reflect and be with your emotions.

Should you wish to arrange an initial session with me please see my Contact page.

The Theoretical

Psychodynamic therapy is the exploration of our past and our unconscious. How we experience events and relationships affects how we experience our present, talking, feeling and thinking about our lives and our experiences can lead to an understanding of and, perhaps, an excising of past trauma. Experiences in our present lives, such as the loss of a loved one or the breakdown of a relationship can lead us to being faced with a past experience or parts of ourselves which cause us pain and difficulties. Looking for and exploring links between our past and our present can lead to a better understand of ourselves and our past. 

I work in a non-directive model, meaning that I do not provide advice: I am here to experience with you the emotions which arise during our sessions and support and assist with the exploration of yourself and your unconscious.